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Are you an entrepreneur with an idea and ready to start your business? Starting and running a business can be very challenging. Are you a small or medium sized business ready to grow to the next level? Had a few successes and then things just stopped moving forward? Does your business need help increasing its efficiency, effectiveness and profitability? Then you have come to the right place. Taktik Consulting is a business consultancy firm with professionals interested in helping start-up, small and medium sized businesses. We work with businesses to assist them in growing their business.

From product development solutions such as product testing, industry analysis, market demand to management solutions such as business analysis, business plans, marketing plans, business strategies, human resources and social media, Taktik business consulting services will help you to grow your business. Our business consultants have extensive experience in business expansion and development, and helping people achieve their goals.


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Chirag Khasia

Business Consultant

Chirag is a business research and development professional at Taktik Consulting, Victoria, Canada. He has extensive experience in working with tech start-ups in Western Canada. Chirag works with start-ups, small and medium sized businesses to help them move forward and grow to the next level by planning and implementing effective business processes. He has over a decade of diverse work experience in project management, research and development, administration, HR, IT and engineering in Canada, UK, Australia and India. Chirag holds Masters degree in global management from Royal Roads University, Canada and Bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from M. S. University, India. He also holds Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA) certifications from Microsoft.

Chirag believes in giving back to the community and volunteers as a Mentor for Mitacs Accelerate Program at Royal Roads University and an Advisor for Innovation Centre for Entrepreneurs at University of Victoria. He shares his experiences to help future entrepreneurs. Chirag is fluent in Hindi and Gujarati, likes to play table tennis in his free time. He lives in Langford, BC with his girlfriend Michelle.


Dr. Terrance Power

Associate Business Advisor

Dr. Power is a professor of strategic and international studies at Royal Roads University, Victoria, Canada. He previously held appointments with a number of leading national and international universities. Professor Power is a Wharton Fellow in the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania. In 2008 Power join the Oxford Round Table, Harris Manchester College, Oxford University. He is also a published columnist and writer whose most recent texts include International Business: A Canadian Perspective; A Strategist Perspective: A Primer for Global Entrepreneurs and Power’s Student Case Study Analysis and Writers’ Handbook. Power sits on a number of national advisory boards and councils including the Knowledge Management Institute of Canada (KMIC); The Academic Board of the Institute of Strategic and International Studies; and the Comprehensive Security Studies Group (CSSG). He frequently undertakes consulting assignments for the public and private sectors and has been the keynote speaker at several national conferences.

As a columnist, Power is a regular contributor to a number of business publications and is frequently identified as an authoritative media source. Power has several texts published by Thompson – Nelson. In 2010 Power was selected by the Globe and Mail, Report on Business (Oct 2010) as ‘the Professor to Stalk’. Dr. Power is an ex Infantry officer who enjoys the works of Tom Clancy, espouses the teachings of Sun Tzu, and is a devoted grandfather to his grandson, Matthew ‘TJ’, and granddaughter Meaghan Anne McCluskey. Dr. Power resides in Langford, BC with his wife Pauline.


Clemens Rettich

Associate Business Consultant

Clemens is a successful business consultant and trainer with 25 years of experience in education, management, and small business. He has supported and run small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and community development programs and has provided training to more than 300 small businesses. The focus of Clemens’s work is improving the success of small businesses. Specifically to grow or expand successful businesses into new markets and new businesses models.

Clemens has an MBA in Executive Management from Royal Roads University and 25 years of experience coaching, facilitating and mentoring in business, community, and arts organizations. Clemens works with clients across Canada and internationally. He has supported and run small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and community development programs. His strength lies in extensive layers of experience and education. Clemens volunteers as a mentor for Peter B. Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria.


Ameya Pisat

Associate Business Consultant

Ameya is a successful business manager & a 3rd generation entrepreneur with 10+ yrs experience in his rear-view spanning IT, Travel, 3PL, Banking and Insurance industries. Since the get go of his career in 2005, he has led various leadership and supervisory roles with record results in both, corporate and start-up environments. Having worked intensively in day to day operations, planning & execution domains with customer centric MNC’s in Canada & India; he has been instrumental in shaping their SOP’s, Vision, Financial Processes and Strategy & Execution Protocols. Today Ameya enjoys taking his diverse expertise and infusing them into businesses, transitioning them through various teething stages and turning them profitable & sustainable. He stands by his personal mission of being an Ace / ‘Generalist Expert’ at business management which continually draws him to business consulting, ROI management, project planning and delivery. Ameya holds Master’s Degrees for International Business Management from Royal Roads University, Canada & Finance Management from University of Mumbai and a B.Com degree.

Ameya is passionate about mentorship and problem solving and loves coming up with practical conventional and unconventional solutions to any situation at hand. Being an easy going and fun loving person he often finds himself brainstorming with friends and ex-colleagues. He enjoys the outdoors, movies, music and long drives with the occasional experiments in cooking. Ameya manages Taktik Consulting’s Toronto portfolio, operations and clients; he resides in Scarborough, ON.


Tom Kodiattu

Associate Project Manager

Tom is a project management and change management professional with over a decade of international experience, working in technology, financial and retail sectors in India, UK, Qatar, Mexico and Canada. He has in-depth experience of focusing on continuous alignment of customer needs with business resources. Tom is an expert in analysing important organizational business needs and develop sustenance through innovative and cost-effective solutions which can establish processes for improving competitiveness, new revenues, and improving customer experiences. Tom holds Masters degree in Global Management from Royal Roads University, Canada, Masters degree in Business Administration from Sheffield Hallam University, UK and Bachelors degree in Commerce and Accounting from Mahatma Gandhi University, India. Tom is fluent in English, Spanish, Hindi and Malayalam and enjoys fusion cooking whenever he can. He lives in Colwood, BC.