25 Social Media Post Ideas for Mortgage Brokers

More and more businesses have included social media as part of their marketing strategy and they are utilizing different social media strategies, like increasing likes and views with the support of companies like The Marketing Heaven, to improve their internet presence, reach potential new clients, generate more leads and grow their business. Mortgage is one of thebiggest personal purchase and important step for clients and Social media is the perfect place where mortgage brokers can match this tone by expressing their personal touch.

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But mortgage brokers are not using social media as much as they should. In our opinion, so many mortgage brokers don’t even have any marketing strategy or make any effort to focus on the marketing aspect. Most mortgage brokers fail at using social media because they don’t have enough time or they don’t have creativity to come up with new posts. We want to change this and want you to stay connected with your potential future clients. We want to help you with your social media marketing strategy and create a unique impression different from other old school mortgage brokers. We have made a list of different social media post ideas for mortgage brokers, so you can get inspiration from these and use them in your own social media posts.


1) Happy Client Testimonials

These are the best posts to share where others are singing songs for you. Testimonials from past and current clients can build trust for your brand towards potential clients, and it creates a feel good effect.

Tips: You can just simply select the best sentence from the detailed testimonial or take a screenshot of full testimonial and share it on your social media platforms. If you’re posting on Facebook then don’t forget to tag them, they are more likely to share your post and will help you to reach more people.

2) Client Closing Announcement

Nothing beats the post of a happy client closing photo. There is no happier client than the one who just closed on their home!

Tips: You can also ask them to send you a photo of their house once they get settled. You can also ask realtor to send you a few pictures, you will get to communicate a bit more with the realtor and build a professional relationship. Don’t forget to tag clients and realtors in your Facebook post.

3) New Mortgage Product Announcement

Share a post about new mortgage products or any updates like change in rates or rules. This is the perfect way to get attention from the followers who are yet to buy a house.

Tips: Don’t just post a short update. Write a short article on your website and share that article as a post, that will bring potential clients to your website, and they’re more likely to spend time on your website and learn about your business and services.

4) Share Company News

Share photos of what’s happening within your company. It could be the photo of your staff meeting or new office setup, or simply show how hard you’re working for your clients.

Tips: Take lots of photos whenever you have any event or meeting in the office, so you can just create an album on your Facebook page or use them whenever you need them. Don’t forget to add your logo and tag people in the photos.

5) Explain Mortgage Glossary Terms

Most people do not know the basic of terms and principles. It’s a great idea to explain mortgage glossary terms in simple and easy to understand language.

Tips: Make a list of glossary terms and share them one by one, maybe once a week. Once you’re done with your list, start again from the beginning, there isn’t any rule that you can’t share them again and again.

6) New Employee Introduction

Introducing new employees is the perfect way to show the world that your business is made up of real people. New employee will also feel warm and welcomed.

Tips: Make it about the employee and not the company. Tag them in the photo and include their title, email & contact number.

7) Employee Spotlight

Share any new achievements of your employee, which could be their participation in marathon or winning an award or passing any exam.

Tips: Employee will feel appreciated, and your followers will learn more about the employee and their achievements. Don’t forget to tag them.

8) Inspirational or Funny Quote

It’s never a good idea to fill out your social media wall with mortgage, mortgage and more mortgage. People love encouraging or funny quote, or just a funny picture with a joke. People like to share these kind of posts.

Tips: You can include your logo in these photos.

9) Share Charity Events

People love businesses that participate in charitable events. Company charity posts are an excellent way to show that company is involved in charity. It’s always a good idea to share other charity events, even if you are not going to participate.

Tips: Showcase your participation in photos. Tag people, organizers and charity organizations.

10) Share Market Stats

People enjoy reading about stats, so give them what they like and share some market statistics with your own analysis.

Tips: Use colourful charts and make sure to brand them using your logo and contact details.

11) This or That Question Posts

Asking your followers a polarizing question about two different styles is the perfect way to engage them with your content and encourage them to share it with their friends and family. It’s important that your followers engage with you and your profile on your social media platforms.

Tips: Do not post questions related to religions or politics, that could create a negative impression. Post related to colour selection or real estate or interior design or mortgages. Reply and interact with followers when they respond to your post.

12) FREE Giveaways

People love free stuff and they love freebie contests. Give away free stuff to your followers and encourage them to engage with your posts. Please be sure to be aware of each social media platform’s rules for the contest and giveaways, follow them and don’t get yourself banned.

Tips: Simple things like small gifts or lottery tickets or $10 coffee or gift cards will work. Make sure to tag winner in your announcement. Keep things fresh, do not run giveaway for more than three to five days.

13) Blog Posts

People are always looking for answers to their questions and more information. Give them what they need, provide them information they’re looking for in search engines. Your mortgage SEO strategy will help you with the keyword research and content creation part. If you don’t have an SEO strategy in place then learn about keyword research and learn about what people are searching in relevant to your industry and answer them in a detailed blog post, and share them on your social media.

Tips: Use URL shortening service like Google or Bitly to keep your URLs short, so you can track clicks.

14) Holiday Messages

Most companies remember to share holiday messages, if you don’t then make a list of holidays and schedule them in advance in your social media management tool.

Tips: Use high quality photos for these posts including your branding. Be sensitive about religious holidays.

15) Life Events

People love sharing the celebration of milestones. Let your followers help spread the love for your employee birthday, weddings, anniversary, etc.

Tips: Create calendar of birthdays and other events and schedule these posts in advance.

16) Question Posts

Just ask a simple question. It could be about anything, like asking for their favourite hiking trail, pizza place, coffee shop, etc. People love to engage with these question.

Tips: Keep it simple. Use high quality branded images.

17) Fun Facts

The fun facts posts are great at encouraging your audience to like and share them. Recently, there have been increased demand for knowledgeable and fun fact type posts. It gives you an opportunity to tap into that thirst of spreading the knowledge around.

Tips: This is an ideal way to spread the mortgage word in a fun way.

18) National Day

National days are not holidays but these are the days celebrated by lovers of all sorts of things, i.e. Beer, Wine, Pizza, Chocolate, Sushi, Pets. Find important national days and share them with your followers.

Tips: Use Facebook’s open graph to find popular topics for the selection of national days.

19) Share Offline Marketing

This is a great idea to join offline marketing efforts with the online by sharing images over the social media. This could be the photos of your brochure, handouts, ad in magazine, ad on bus, etc.

Tips: Photo doesn’t need to be of high quality. You can also run a contest and ask followers to submit photos as comments.

20) Realtor Listing

You can help your realtor referral partners grow their business by promoting their property listings.

Tips: Get good quality photos from the realtor and create an album. Use shortened link to track clicks and traffic. Let the realtors know about this share, so they can share your post with their followers.

21) Remodelling Projects

If you helped finance a client with their remodelling project, then bring over a house rewarming gift and take a few pictures of their new space to share on your social media.

Tips: Try to get some photos of the clients as well, so you can tag them and they can help you spread the word. If it’s possible to get old photos, then create before & after photo post. Ask your followers to contact you if they have any remodelling questions.

22) Local Real Estate News

It’s good to share a local real estate news but it would be better to include your own perspective and then share it on your social media .

Tips: You can also ask local realtors to give their feedback and then tag them when you share the post on your social media.

23) Client Savings Spotlight

If you ever helped any clients save money on their mortgage deal or refinance by offering better rates than the competitor’s quote, then shout that victory out loud on your social media.

Tips: Make sure you include a short case study or specifics of savings, and tag your client.

24) The Cheapest and Most Expensive Real Estate Listing

Share the cheapest and most expensive real estate listing with your audience. Get in touch with your realtor to present the accurate information. You never know, you might end up getting a client to do mortgage deal for the most expensive listing.

Tips: Make sure to tag your realtor friends when you share this on your social media.

25) Work Anniversary

Celebrate your employees’ work anniversary with your business by congratulating them on your social media. Let your followers know about their achievements.

Tips: Make sure you tag them in your post and use branded photos if you can.

We hope that all of these ideas will be helpful for your mortgage social media campaigns and digital marketing strategy. We are confident that the execution of these strategies will make you look like a pioneer in the mortgage industry.

Please feel free to contact us at: info@taktikconsulting.ca if you have any questions or need more information about Social Media Marketing or SEO strategies for your mortgage broker business.

Is marketing the last thing in your mind and you just want to stay focused working on mortgage deals? We offer done-for-you social media marketing service to manage all of your social media platforms and mortgage SEO service to put your website on the first page of search engines. Our end goal will be to improve your online presence and increase the number of traffic, calls, inquiries, leads and sales, and help you grow your business.

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