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Most likely you landed on this page because you are researching to find the Best SEO Company in Victoria BC, to help you improve your website ranking and grow your business through SEO and Digital Marketing services.

Like every other SEO service provider, I am tempted to say that “Yes, you have found your dream match ;)”. Well, not really – let me tell you a secret. There is no such thing as the best SEO provider – when it comes to internet marketing, there is always someone better – because it is a race and you are searching for the UNICORN that doesn’t exist. You are better off working with an SEO company that understands your situation, which can analyse the data and offer a more realistic achievable outcome. If I were you, I would click on the “Contact Us” page right now and see if we can help you achieve the end results you are expecting. There is nothing to lose, in the worse case scenario, we will learn about your business & you will get a better understanding of SEO, and we will not work together.

How Are We Different?

We are way different from the so-called SEO experts and traditional SEO companies. When you contact them, they will say “YES” for ranking your sites for the keywords of your choice. If you are lucky, then they will talk about developing a custom strategy and run monthly campaigns for your business. Moreover, if you are unlucky, then they will give you options to choose from a pre-built monthly SEO plans or packages. At the end of the day, they will want you to pay them monthly fees. They will not offer you any assurances because they cannot, and maybe your website will rank some day.

We have a different system in place for our SEO service. We will analyse your current situation and your competition, come up with a plan and expected results that are achievable within a specific timeline. We consider this as a project which includes a set deadline, fees and more realistic results. We also have an option for monthly payments if that’s your preference. You will have an option to keep us on a monthly retainer for an ongoing maintenance once we deliver the results and ranking we promise.

Why Can You Trust Us?

Well, we will offer you an assurance that within “X” amount of time we will rank your website for “A”, “B” and “C” keywords. So if we cannot deliver the results within a particular timeline (which hasn’t happened yet), then we will continue working on your SEO project for FREE until you achieve the promised outcome.

We know that other SEO companies or your existing SEO service provider may say nobody can offer any guarantee to rank your site, it is against Google’s terms and blah…blah…blah. If someone knows what works and what not, and has been ranking sites on a regular basis, then the timeframe to rank a website can be predicted. We are confident about our SEO strategies and know what we are talking about, so it makes sense for us to offer you a firm assurance.

Have We Ranked Any Websites Yet?

The big question, isn’t it? Well, we do not believe in Kiss and Tell, so we will not be able to share details of our clients. We understand that you would want to see an example of our work. Google search for “business consultant Victoria” or “business consulting Victoria” or “business consultant victoria bc” or “business consulting victoria bc” or “market research victoria bc” – and you will see our website ranking on the top of the 1st page of search results. We will be happy to show more examples of our work and sites we rank during a face to face meeting.

It is pretty simple and straightforward that if we can rank our website for our primary keywords, then we can rank your site too.

What Do We Think About Paid Online Ads?

We hate this model – we look at it as a temporary solution to drive traffic to your website. Visitors will stop coming to your site once you stop paying for the ads. We believe in more of a permanent solution to rank your site and bring potential customers organically.

Will We Work With Your Competition?

We work exclusively with one client from one industry from a particular geographical area. So we will not be able to work on your project if we are already working with someone from your industry for your targeted area.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our SEO services are not cheap, but it is also not that expensive. Because of the assurance we provide to deliver results in a specific timeline, we just can’t afford to offer our service for cheap rates. We believe in delivering high-quality work and results that will help you generate more leads, increase your sales and grow your business.

Is SEO Service Suitable For Every Business?

The simple answer is “NO”. SEO can greatly increase the number of call/emails and clients you are getting currently. So if you do not have capacity and capability to handle more clients, then I would not recommend investing your time and money in SEO.

What If You Are Already Working With Another SEO Company But Not Happy With The Results?

That is great, glad to know that at least you understand the importance of SEO and the value of ranking your website for growing your business. It will be hard to comment on your current status as we do not know anything about your business, website and current SEO campaigns. We would love to have a look at your site, competition and see if there is any way we can help you. We are even happy to work with your current SEO providers on a consulting basis and show them the ropes to improve your ranking if you prefer to continuing to work with them.

Every business and their situation is different. If you are a business owner and thinking about growing your business or looking for more clients, then let’s get in touch and schedule a discovery call/meeting and find out if we can help you grow your business.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions or need any further information about our SEO Services.


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