Best SEO Company in Victoria BC

Most likely you landed on this page because you are researching to find the Best SEO Company in Victoria BC, to help you improve your website ranking and grow your business through SEO and Digital Marketing services.

Like every other SEO service provider, I am tempted to say that Read more

4 Simple Ways To Check If Your Website Is Responsive

In my previous article, I wrote about Google’s announcement for the changes in their search algorithm from 21st April 2015 and why businesses need a responsive website. You have less than a month to make your website responsive, but how can you find out if you need to update your website and how can you be sure if you existing website is responsive or not?

Here you go, these are the 4 simple ways to find that out. Read more

Why do you need a Responsive Website

On the 26th of February 2015, Google announced changes to their search algorithm which will affect you starting next month if you do not have a responsive website. Read more