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I was planning to include Website Designing as of one of our services and I was doing research on website designing companies in Western Canada, so I can prepare competitive web-design plans.  I Googled for “website design Vancouver” and that’s when I bumped into Shopify’s website. I have yet to try Shopify, but I am a fan of their blog articles.  I like it because they often have great real-life stories and suggestions for startups, especially for e-commerce businesses.

Last week, I read their article about how four members of Shopify’s growth and marketing team built an e-commerce business from scratch for selling green tea, and generated $922.16 in revenue in 3 days. I loved the way they have written and documented every step of their process. After reading that I was carried and tempted to hop on Shopify and start my own e-commerce business. But I still haven’t yet 😉

Today, I read another article which was actually a contest to WIN the green tea e-commerce business they started earlier, plus 6 months of free Shopify. I was like WTF, why would they do that? (Excuse me for my language)

So, what is viral about these two articles? On average, most of the Shopify articles are shared between 200 to 500 times and received about 10 to 40 comments. There are a few articles that were shared for 1500-2000 times but only 20-25 comments on them. But these two articles I am talking about were shared 2973 & 2220 times and received 462 & 1064 comments. I am pretty sure that this number will go up with time.

I think these are two great examples of how you can educate people about what your own product can do and encourage them to use your products.

“Make Hay While The Sun Shines”

These two businesses used this opportunity to promote their businesses and services indirectly when Shopify’s contest was engaging hundreds of “I want to become an entrepreneur” participants.

These two comments are the perfect examples of how you can take advantage of someone else’s hot campaign to promote your business, generate new leads and drive more traffic to your website.

Have you experienced similar campaigns or contests? I would love to know your thoughts on this!

Looking forward to seeing your feedback.


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